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This is the Memorial to the Missing and contains over 50,000,000 pennies to represent the lives of each American child abandoned to abortion by a society and a culture that has embraced their destruction. We must prevent the need to add to this memorial. Take a stand. Get involved.
 ”How we treat the least of us defines us.”

"should I use this $500k to help struggling parents and pregnant people or should I put it in a glass box"

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On average, you have a 1 in 18,989 chance of being murdered

A trans person has a 1 in 12 chance of being murdered

The average life span of a cis person is about 75-90 

The average life expectancy of a trans person is 23-30 years old

75% of people killed in anti LGBT hate crimes are poc

Think about this the next time you go crying over “cisphobia” and “reverse racism”


Astronaut Charles Duke visited the moon in 1972 as part of the Apollo 16 mission. He left behind a picture of himself, with his wife and two sons. He took a picture of it before he left. The photograph remains on the moon’s surface.


frozen was so fucking overrated i am so sick of seeing it on my dash it was not revolutionary it was not amazing i wouldn’t even call it “good” it was okay it was mediocre it did not live up the the disney name and it was disappointing stop praising shitty films thank

Kid: Yeah give me a pack of Marlboro Reds.
Cashier: Are you 18?
Kid: It's okay, they're a metaphor.


always say thank you after someone makes you cum

i prefer to say ur welcome

kinda wish sansa was served robb starks head like joffrey promised

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